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About Spellcrow

Since 2011 in Spellcrow, we create unique games, miniatures, components and terrain pieces for the wargames market.
Our team works on every element with passion, caring about details. We strive to make our customers feel the same delight as those who create it. Artists around the world work with us - from French or Spanish illustrators and sculptors to Polish and Belarusian foundry men.

We love classic models known as 'old school', but we understand how important is following the trends, which is why our offer includes references to traditional and more current projects. We create sculptures both traditionally and digitally, which in combination gives wonderful, unique models.

The same passion which we create figurines with is the philosophy of our Customer Service. We are dying to positively surprise our customers not only with products, but also with communication and quick shipping. Do you want to check it? Go to the Product Reviews tab available under the majority of products in our webstore, where customers write about our stuff and service. You may also watch plenty of reviews made by YouTubers to help you familiarise yourself with Spellcrow.

There is no day for us without contacting stores from around the world. We want to be sure that in the future our goodies will be available to each of you. We are constantly expanding the network of distributors so that our products packed in yellow blisters could hit your hands even faster. Check the
Resellers & Distributors page to find your local store.

We are always open to suggestions from customers, which is why we are changing for the better everyday. Thanks to this, we are sure that when you hold our products in your hands, you smile. We care about the quality that we love and about the packaging. Each product is checked before packing, so we hope you're fully pleased and you can recommend it to your friends with a clear conscience.

If you're here, it means you want to know more about us, that's why we encourage you to get to know our story, know how it all began.


My name is Piotr Pirianowicz and I will tell you how it all started.


Each story must have some time and place where it begins - it started probably in 1996 and it was in Poland when I first took a metal miniature and froze. The details and quality were unearthly. This 28-millimeter knight, for the future jeweller who was supposed to deal with small details by profession, was everything. From that moment it was the most important. Any pretext to buy more of these micro works of art was good until the time of RPGs and wargames that came later. Being a jeweller was open to big question - only miniatures, terrains, paints and gaming were in my head. Since then, Santa Claus always brought figurines to the Christmas tree. That's how it is to this day...

At the jewelry school I met Marek Rurarz, with whom I played together and who, like me, was fascinated with miniatures. We could watch them for hours, analysing their details and searching for reasons to have more. It always bothers us how somebody could have made such a small sculpture. We began to gather information and a desire to do something of ours began to appear. It was not easy to acquire a good quality sculpting putty, and of the weak one - as we quickly realised - nothing could be done. Once we've gotten green stuff, we couldn't believe that anything can be created from this sticky mass. And yet, people wrote about it and showed the figurines made of it. Without this evidence, we wouldn't believe it, because the first struggles with the mass were terrible. Then we discovered the first magic component necessary to become a sculptor.


We spent many hours to get a shape, and making a figurine took weeks. Even so, thanks to patience, it was getting better and better and soon we were ready for the next step. Each of us dreamed about making figurines for large companies that people would love. We were looking for companies that needed sculptors and soon we had our first orders. It was great. We were receiving commissions and sculpting miniatures. Our dreams came true and we were full of enthusiasm sending finished models to our contractors. We were waiting for payment, carrying out new orders and we were already planning what to buy for the money we earned. We waited and waited... and the payments didn't come. As it turned out, many companies had it in the habit, and we were additionally very naive. Some people have told us that money is coming, others have broken off contact and we have not received payment for many projects. We met after time to exchange insights and we both knew that we wanted to sculpt, but not for free. We can for free, but only for ourselves...

It is difficult to determine which year it was when we started to write small rules for a fantasy game so that our miniatures could be used there. We had no idea how we put them, but we decided to deal with this issue later. When we had more than a dozen of figurines, we understood that it was the time to find a foundry worker. Unfortunately, every foundry worker in Poland, whom we showed what we need to cast, refused. There were no wargaming companies in Poland, and this meant that there were no people with the knowledge and experience necessary for this task. Our enthusiasm has been put to the test - we could only see how the British companies easily cast metal models. We were not financially capable of cooperating with them due to the minimum number of models that had to be purchased.
It was the time to give up dreams and find a normal job. When looking for a foundry worker, I found a man who needed a sculptor of devotional articles. I contacted him with Marek, and so Marek began to create devotional articles, and I took care of graphics and photography. It looked like the end of our adventure.


It is pretty hard to explain later events, but they were strange. We met a friend who had such a huge collection of metal models that even our large collections seemed small. We asked ourselves how he earned such money, because figurines are not the cheapest hobby, and he didn't look like a rich man as well. It occured that his collection were counterfeits. Counterfeits that someone made here in Poland. They were great castings, so we needed to find out who makes them. Unfortunately, the fake collector didn't want to reveal his source. Our friend Marcin said he would try to help us find the guy, but we must first go and talk to the collector of fakes. We took a car and we did it. I think I was in shock caused by what happened, so I don't remember the details, but when the collector got in the car, Marcin sat down next to him and said he wouldn't let him out of the car if he didn't lead us to the foundry. I admit that I was a little scared. Marcin is a very nice and calm man, an enthusiast of elves and fantasy novels, so I would never think that there is a soul of a gangster inside him. After an hour, we were under the house of the foundry worker.


We savoured the sight of our models made of metal and we couldn't believe it. We returned to writing rules and thinking about how to sell everything. Me and Marek agreed that it was necessary to take it seriously, so I came up with the graphic design and logo of our newly emerging company - Warpixie. Proud of the effect, I presented my proposal and unfortunately, neither the logo nor the name didn't knock Marek's socks off. We both had to like it, so I went back to work. Our game was to be called Umbra Turris, which in Latin means "Dark Towers", but we were not fully convinced at the time. "This will change" - we decided. We wanted so badly that our project was serious and profitable, that we thought we would earn, but on religious figurines...

I don't know why we abandoned this project when we were so close to making it real. Maybe because we looked at the Marek's employer from the devotional trade, who was a wealthy man, and we needed money very much. Maybe also because when we talked about our willingness to make wargame miniatures, everyone said that there would be no money from it in Poland. As soon as we mentioned that we could also make religious figurines, everyone said it was a great idea because Poles like it. There are many churches and parishes here, but we wouldn't make it for them. So instead of sculpting the dwarves and elves, we planned to make crosses and busts of saints. By chance, we found a spec, who was to make us a metal casting machine, but eventually, after many months of talking, we ordered them from Italy. We have renovated our headquarters to receive clerics, and the queues for figurines already lined up in our dreams. When our three wonderful machines arrived, each 200 kilograms, we were very excited. To have them, we've spent all our and borrowed money. While waiting for them, we have sculpted many models in the meantime so that we can start production quickly when they arrive. The machines were perfect for precise casting, which is why our 30mm saint models had many wonderful details. After finishing the first series of models, we started to call parishes and churches to make contacts. We were not discouraged by the average interest until a nice lady running a religious shop told us what the trouble was. She explained that all these beautiful details on our figurines have no meaning and few people will buy them. She added that customers are often old, have poor eyesight and usually buy the cheapest figurines, because they always got lost anyway. Ours cost 3 EUR, and it was way overpriced. It wasn't a good day...

From time to time we had orders for our small models, but we decided that something had to be figured out - we had machines and commitments. The year of Chopin was approaching, so we decided to make Fryderyk Chopin's figurines for souvenir shops and
museums. We also made great souvenirs for Warsaw. Of course, all measured about 30mm. It was much better, but we felt that we were not doing what we wanted. Apparently our models went to Chopin's enthusiasts from around the world, but souvenirs from Warsaw were a rather specific topic. Unfortunately, as one of the souvenir sellers described it, the best period has passed and now tourists prefer to buy ice cream than figurines. Probably sitting with tea in my hands, Marek and I looked at our religious models and souvenirs, thinking about our future. Which one of us said these words, I don't remember, but they were sure: "If we're going to go bankrupt, it's better at what we love." 
We brought out the masters of miniatures for Umbra Turris and it was time for SPELLCROW.

I've been thinking about the name and logo for a long time, but I also wanted Marek to like them. Fortunately, he did, so we went with the production of figurines. We were not wealthier, but much happier. Marek suggested that we should also make conversion bits, because it is an easy topic and may give us the second line of products. Initially, I didn't like this vision, because we started as a figurine company, and the bits were not even for our models. But I knew that to do what I want, I must learn to do what gives me money. I made the first sets of bits sitting on the bench in front of our small headquarters. It came very easily. As it turned out, they sold easily as well. After this we continued to create models in a scale of around 30mm, but instead of selling them for 3, we sold them for 7 EUR. When the first order from the store for 3000 EUR came, we didn't believe it. We dreamed about it from the beginning, but being afraid of risk and listening to the opinions of others, we went to religious themes. Finally it seemed that everything is going to be great. But it wasn't...

It wasn't easy for us to embrace everything in two, so we had many delays and troubles. Unfortunately, we were also unable to afford an employee. A friend with his own business has given us advice: "You must hire a man no matter what, because you won't develop." Marek was not convinced, because we often had not enough money for ourselves, but soon someone came to help. Then more people came, and with them - more problems. We had to learn how to assign tasks, verify progress. It was also necessary to change the headquarters from 20m to 120m. We have also set the main goal of SPELLCROW - a satisfied customer.

We were exposed to many attempts, but it taught us persistence and humbleness. We understood how many production and running processes work. Today, thanks to experience and constant improvement of our procedures, we achieve what we have never even dreamed about. To be closer to our customers and understand them better, we became Spellcrow Ltd. We travel around Europe, visiting conventions and events. We work with many great, talented freelancers and subcontractors. Finally we do what we love... and this is just the beginning.

We wish you great moments with our range and service!
Spellcrow Ltd
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United Kingdom

Company number:   10867953
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