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For every 3 purchased products, choose the 4th for free!

(The free product cannot be more expensive than the cheapest purchased one)
Step 1. Order minimum 3 products.
Step 2. In the comment to your order, write which product you choose as your 4th free one. It can be any product from Spellcrow range,
but cannot be more expensive than the cheapest purchased product.
Step 3. Make an order and pay for the purchased products.
Step 4. Our Customer Service Team will read your comment and add the chosen free product to the box.

Ordering more, e.g. 9 products, you can choose 3 free products, etc.

When purchasing deals, you still receive vouchers and you can plan your shopping better!

We grant special vouchers to all customers, who make orders in a certain value
but there are also other ways you can receive them.

Spend 50 GBP / 69 USD / 59 EUR / 272 PLN or more, and get a voucher -10% for the full range that you can use in one of your next purchases.
Spend 100 GBP / 140 USD / 120 EUR /  545 PLN or more, and get a voucher -20% for the full range that you can use in one of your next purchases.
Write a review under the product you purchased, and get a voucher -10% for the full range that you can use in one of your next purchases.
Regardless of the number of reviews, you can receive a review voucher once a month. Review vouchers are not cumulative
and are valid for 30 days from the date we issued the voucher. Promotion time is limited.

Vouchers are valid for 30 days from the day your order was shipped, or for 60 days if you are from the US, Canada,
Australia or another non-European country. Each voucher is printed and added to your order with a special discount code
and information about the expiry date. If you made an order in value 50 GBP or more, or you wrote a review, but you haven't received
a voucher
, please write to our e-mail address spellcrow@umbraturris.com.

This option will let you save some money and get more fantastic miniatures, bits or terrain in our webstore!

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