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  Catalog » UMBRA TURRIS » Manuals » UMBRA TURRIS rulebook - free PDF (english version)
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UMBRA TURRIS rulebook - free PDF (english version)
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UMBRA TURRIS rulebook - free PDF (english version)
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Free PDF rulebok for Umbra Turris (english version) you can find here: Download

You are about to enter into one of the most mysterious and unusual places, which for many is called Dark City.
The world is changing and with every day the Dark City gets more shrouded in shadow that hides imminent evil.
"You have to stand on either side, because the time is coming when there will be no retreat from battle".
Each day the light and hope are being subjected to trial and only you can decide whether you will defend them or will you lead the forces of evil to brutally destroy everything. Law constantly fight force battles and needs those devoted to destroy the anarchy. The sword in your hand may smite injustice, but if you desire it can also sow chaos.
If you came to the Dark City, but do not want to get involved in struggle between good and evil, you will have to fight for yours neutrality, as some may require your sword while others... your soul.
"You have to survive in times of madness and the approaching destruction, which is why you need a team, companions, slaves or followers, whose devotion and fear will motivate you to achieve your goals".
Umbra Turris is full of those who would want to join you. You will meet them in many taverns or guilds, some recruit in squalid neighborhoods, others could be found in secret temples and mysterious manufactories. There will be some who will arrive at your command from the remote giant forests, but also those who rise from the mounds. Money, jewelry, ancient artifacts and books could be exchanged to the Dragon Coins, which help you equip your company. Swords, axes, repetitive crossbows, scary blunderbuss and magic items. All of it you can get in many markets, squares and streets of Umbra Turris. Your presence in the city will not remain unnoticed. There will be many of those who would want you to get the job done for them, for which they will shower you with gold, rare artifacts and recognition. But only you know what is the real reason for which you keep fighting in the Dark City.
"You are a legendary adventurer. At your feet lays the largest city in the world".
It's your time - fight and be triumphant!

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