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Ah, we're waiting for Friday!

Dwarf with Mug & Elf with Spear

Today, a little about restored models. We have already written about a Dwarf with Mug, which you can see in the post: "BEEFED-UP MINIATURES & New UT Rulebooks". Today you can see an Elf with Spear, which has also undergone some minor corrections.
Can't wait for the Friday when a lot of new products will be on sale! You wrote to us, asking where some miniatures are and whether they will come back someday, but you don't need to worry. All models should gradually appear in stores. Remember - if your local store doesn't stock our stuff yet, ask the owner to contact us - we will get there soon :-D

Oh, it's THIN...

Little Dyniaq with Spear

Verification of the masters of certain models showed that several miniatures and bits have troubles, which need a correction.
You probably know the Little Dyniaq with Spear, don't you? As long as the model was available in metal, everything was fine, but since it's in resin, it turned out that his spear is too thin and delicate, so it must be better prepared for production.
Elves with axes have a similar problem - they're currently available only for stores, so there's a big chance that you haven't seen them in our store. Shortly they will be available for you too!
We always care about the besty quality, which is why we check all standards from time to time. If you have any tips or advices for us, we are always open to them.

Still warm!

Ah, how nice to see new miniatures that we've just received from the foundry! Wonderful goblins that are so cute that we would be happy to show them to you even now but unfortunately, you need to wait for a while.
We can tell you that one of them has a crossbow, the other - a musket, the third hugs the axe, and the fourth stands archly with the hammer. When will they appear? Well... immediately after the following models of dwarves.

Delayed is not lost

There are days when all postponed work can't wait anymore and you have to do it.
In our case, it was tidying up shelves with master models. There seems to be order but many masters required revising and finding a new place. One of the sculptors has always cared about the masters storage and it is still today.
Therefore, although there are many matters that seem more important, there are also those whose finishing is necessary for further efficient activities.

Dwarves are coming!

If you are fans of Dwarves or you're interested in what will appear in the next month, read on. Well, in addition to the newly introduced model shown in the picture, there will be two more models for Northern Dwarves. So if you want to have all the red-bearded parties, no problem!
If you prefer Dwarves from Thargomind, they will receive new models in the near future as well - three new and a few in a revamped version. Finally you'll have something new to paint because the figures are really great. :-)

Walking through the city

Anarchists vs Neutral

Can a hero have bad memories or get the Frenzy rule? Can a party leader visit a house of the witch or hit a slave market? What is the tax for the Guilds? Can a hero have more strength than in the description of his race? Our black notebook answers all these questions.
If you want to know more, send us emails - in the title write: "Walking through the city" :-)

Too much of a good thing...

Tigerian with Two-Handed Weapon - a new rare

It happens that when a person starts to do something, he misjudges his or her abilities at the beginning.
Many of our ideas weren't the best from the perspective of time and UT manual also has this
ailment. We're proud of the rules, because the game is very good and it's the opinion of
everyone who reads it, but there are aspects worth correcting. In the new version of the
manual, which we're working on, there will be a certain rule, which clarified the creation of
parties. Races like the Voraks, Tigerians, Dark Fauns, Black Orcs and Half-giants will be
rare races, which will mean that a party of up to 1000 Dragon Coins will be able to have one
rare, and more than 1000 - two rares. 
Write to us if the topic intrigued you, because we can discuss many principles together
before the rulebook goes to print.

Have a nice game!


Werewolves, not yet ready to haunt the forests but already trying to create a pack :-)

In the Halloween period we reach out far more often for movies, books and everything related to scary creatures.
We have found old, unfinished projects of werewolves. We have again undergone a wonderful vision of them haunting the forests of Morten.
If you dream of it as well, write to us! Perhaps you will soon hear them howling...

31.10 - 1.11.2018
Fade into oblivion...

Eight Dyniaqs from our Dyniaq Collection also known as Dyniaq Starter

The Dyniaq Collection was the first real box made in the printing house. We didn't know if selling Dyniaqs in the set would be sensible, but we decided it was worth giving it a try. And this Halloween box won't be available anymore.
The first reason is that we have withdrawn from the production of metal models. The second reason is its too high price, which we understood after some time.

The Halloween period was the time of new decisions regarding this race, and what awaits it soon...

The worst models?

Photo shows the first models of SPELLCROW main sculptors at the time:
Orc on the left was made by Piotr Pirianowicz. Orc on the right - by Marek Rurarz

No matter what we do, everything has its origin and in the case of sculpting miniatures, the first or one of the first models that we make, are watched with admiration and shown to everyone.
When we're sculpting more, we're making better and better figurines and those, which in the beginning were a reason to be proud, now are considered the worst.
We hide them in drawers and although at first they were the reason for pride and we were showing them, now they're deeply hidden.
When cleaning up an old drawer, we find them and although we recognise that they are very poor, then comes the sentiment.
If we are already good sculptors, we have the courage to show you these ugly eyesores without angst.
Seeing them today and comparing them to all the models we've ever done, we ask ourselves one question. 
Are these really our worst models?

Almost new Goblins...

Photo shows one of the old goblin models remake

Browsing through our nooks and crannies, we discovered old models of unfinished goblins.
We put them on the workshop to finish what hasn't been finished, so they can be shortly added to our offer.
But what we enjoyed the most was discovering a few of our first ever models! 
Maybe they're not beautiful but they got a unique, old-school vibe.
We'll show them tomorrow! :-)

From darkness they arrive...

"Pilgrims of Darkness will lead you to the valleys of disorder and cruelty..." - new Party against your enemies coming soon!

From the depths of darkness, a party of dark creatures is emerging, carrying only death and destruction. 
They came to the city of Umbra Turris to face old enemies - Temple Guards. They will surely meet Way Watchers on their path...
Get ready and paint your starter boxes, because soon your friends will get the Evil in their hands.
Meet the Pilgrims of Darkness!

Daily Routine
Not every day is circling around unusual experiences and interesting activities. It happens that just as today, each of us has ordinary duties.
We've been working on a progress for Umbra Turris rulebook all day, we've made a lot of corrections, improved the typos.
The colour manual has gained a few more pages, new pictures of figures and terrains, and believe us - absolutely nothing extraordinary happened.
Fortunately, it was such amazingly gray, gloomy day... ;-)

My advices for beginner sculptors

Tatiana with her Little Tree

Today we're showing you a Little Tree.
My name's Tatiana and I will tell you how my first project was created and what problems I had during sculpting. 
In August I had the opportunity to sculpt a small element of the cracked ground. It turned out that everyone likes it and I got a chance for further sculpting. The next day, I unexpectedly started my own project. First of all, I didn't plan to make a product - I just wanted to sculpt, to familiarise myself with the mysterious tools that dentists use every day but here they were useful in the way I didn't know before.
In a relatively short time I made a base for a tree, which I wasn't proud of at first, but after adding a few details I really liked it!

However, as it turned out, the real challenge was yet to come... sculpting the trunk. I dreamed of Alice in Wonderland style.
I wanted my first tree to be awkward and intriguing, but it wasn't an easy task. The first problem was to create a shape. 
My observation: you have to show patience and trust in yourself. Fimo sculpting mass helped me a lot, cause it gives unlimited time for making changes and lots of trials, which is very important for a beginner sculptor. After completing this task, immediately I had another one - making a trunk texture that would be unusual. Before I started, I had set the oven and baked what was already made to ease the whole process.
The texture took me a lot of time - it consisted in placing the layer of mass and sculpting many irregular details in it that would give believable, but still bizarre bark. A few clues led me to a good lead and shortly thereafter I was able to bake another element.

As usual, the hardest part came just before the finish line  - I had to recreate the other half of this tree to make it look natural, while maintaining the proportions. This stage was the longest, but again: patience is the key! At the end I sculpted a small branch (you need to know that it didn't come out to me right away, I chose it from less attractive ones), I baked everything and that's how I finished my first project.
It looked nice, but the details I worked on became visible only after casting in resin - and that was a priceless moment! 

Here is that Little Tree, my first sculpt which will always remind me the beginnings.
I hope that this short story will encourage you to start sculpting, cause I can tell you:

This is a pure adventure!
New Rulebook
-Coming Soon-

An example page from the new Umbra Turris rulebook

We want to inform you that Umbra Turris rulebooks are SOLD OUT!
The great news is, soon its new version will be on sale - slightly improved and printed in colour.
It will contain descriptions of the world, races, photos from the battlefield & more curiosities!
Today you may see one of its pages with a new layout. 


Comission Painting Studio

October 17 / 2018 - White Metal Games team just after receiving their huuuge order from us

Recently our friends from White Metal Games got lots of SPELLCROW blisters!
In the screenshot you can see this is a really cool team of people who truly love this hobby, like we all do.
We're extremely pleased that we cooperate with them.
Take a look at their fanpage and the
eBay store
, cause they sell much great stuff that you may find great.

Hey, White Metal Games:

Time to celebrate online UT rulebook release!

Finally you can get new Spanish Rulebook for Umbra Turris:
Click the image above, download & play
* * *
But this is not the end of great news!
Each person who makes an order with one-use PROMO CODE: VivaUT - in the comment to order, will get...

...3 RANDOM Fantasy Miniatures for Umbra Turris!
* * *
Only by October 28 - no matter what and how much you order!
Celebrate with us!
New Spanish Rulebook 
-Get ready for battle!-
One of Umbra Turris fans prepared a big surprise for all of you.
We're happy to announce that we have a Spanish Umbra Turris rulebook!
Hildebrando Franco from Colombia wrote lots of times to discuss with us about Spanish rules and... he did a bunch of good job.
Thank you for your effort Franco - tomorrow you will all be able to see more of it with your own eyes.

* * *

From TOMORROW in Spain, Colombia, Portugal...
...you will all start preparing to FIERCE BATTLES
in the dark city of Umbra Turris!


Magnificent Imperfect

Cracked Necrolith Crystals vs Large Necrolith Crystals - soon you'll be able to get them!

Did you know how young sculptors begin their adventure? 
First of all, they start from designing simple shapes: pieces of terrain that you use during many battles or skirmishes.
Step-by-step, a project that started from a few scalpel cuts, began to be more "complicated" what basically means that you need to calm down - sculpting gives much excitement! Crystals you can see in the photo have been made by one of these young sculptors. She secretly told us that her biggest dream is to fill your game tables with a variety of nice terrains, so you would never starve and... never have enough. 
If you're not sure these crystals are perfect - you are right. See? There are too many cracks on them... :-)
If you sculpt anything you wanna share, feel free to send us photos. 
Who knows what will be your future? 


The Unexpected Guest

A creature from the mysterious bundle...

It happens that an unexpected guest arrives at our doorsteps telling stories about old games, miniatures or some heard rumors. But sometimes he comes with an odd bundle and opens it in silence. Just like today. That gentleman showed us a box with soft padding and gently took a few bizarre creatures out of it. He put them on the table, waiting for any reaction on our part. But when a man is impressed, he keeps silent... One creature stayed with us to become a beginning of over a dozen new ones which destiny is to create a pack to the old game. We became the owners of this being.
We're not sure it will be on sale but we wanted to show you how he looks. 
Whether it was born in the ocean depths which he came out from or in the dark cave at the foot of the mountains - we weren't given a chance to know his origin.
Now we made him the guardian of mysteries hidden on our desk. 
However there is something... something puzzling, arousing fear on the gloomy, rainy days.
Maybe it's that mysteriously mocking smile... 



Dwarf with Mug - before and after

Reviewing 28 Fantasy Miniatures you will see that many miniatures may look familiar. Some models are beefed-up and they match our current vision. Though we could make new models, we thought that the old ones had a lot of vibe, so they deserve a honorable place in our catalog. If you have those old minis, you're lucky.
They are no longer available but you will surely admit that new versions are way more cool.
Enjoy painting :-)
From today in
Umbra Turris you can get free Umbra Turris rulebooks in 3 languages: English, French and Polish!
If you have any questions, please write to: spellcrow@umbraturris.com 



 Photo shows new Gatling Cannons for Light Vehicles - shortly on sale

Although you might be surprised, 99% of our products are sculpted by hand. Lots of weapons or backpacks you buy from us are made with sculpting tools and jewelry files. But still, it happens that some projects are designed digital and printed in 3D. In the photo you may see one of these rare examples. Working on miniatures, we often use already printed components and connect them with classic sculpting. 
That's how it was with Shock Troops for example. However, our fantasy models haven't seen 3D in their lives yet. 
But who knows what time will bring?



Good Afternoon! There are a few changes at our website. Today we added free rules and supplements to our skirmish game - Umbra Turris. If you want to discover more, go to: Umbra Turris
Also we're updating photos of fantasy miniatures. Some of them are repainted, other are completely new. Dwarf with Big Gun has been improved and Dwarf with Two-Handed Hammer is our brand new model.

Which one will join your Party?

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