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Customer Service
Welcome to our customer service page!
You are here probably because you need some help or you have questions. No matter the case, you can simply write us a message and we will try to answer you as fast as possible. Send message now>>>
Delivery of my order takes too long.
Your package might be held up at the post or there is some other reason keeping it from reaching its destination. It should be noted that postal workers also like our miniatures. In order to help you find out what is the status of  your order we need you to send us its number. It would be helpful if you provided your delivery address as well, so we can check if it is the same as the one on the proof of dispatch from postal office.
If you live outside of EU it’s natural to take longer, due to sorting and customs control.
I received my package but some of the items are different from what I ordered.
It sometimes happens that we make a mistake and as a result your package contains wrong items or their incorrect quantity. Please let us know about this, and we will send you the correct ones as soon as possible.
I want to order items that are almost out of stock or currently unavailable.
That’s easy - our spry work force in the foundry will make new products for you, and the shipping department will send them at once. We would greatly appreciate your being patient though, as sometimes we get overwhelmed with number of orders and tricky casting problems.
I have another problem/question/suggestion.
No matter what your query or problem is, we are here to help you, so do not hesitate and ask us about anything you want. Remember that we read all of your messages, and those with simple words of thanks or encouragement always brighten our day.
Can I call you?
Yes, you can reach us through phone Monday till Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.
Our polish phone number is +48 790 70 4784.
If needed, our conversation can be held in English.
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